African Community Services managed to shift our service delivery online. While most of our programming is critically affected by the loss of our onsite programs, we continue being dedicated to helping and supporting our clients get the support they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outset of the pandemic, mental health has emerged as an urgent, and ongoing need across the GTA.  During this crisis, African Community Services scaled up our investment in mental health and has continued to provide key health and wellness support to our clients. We have devised virtual counseling and engaging via WhatsApp and other social programs to provide more privacy while families are in isolation at home.

For support, please contact us through the following numbers;

Front Office - 905 460 9514

Alternative numbers - Youth Support please contact

Front Office - 647 571 9514

EYOW - 647 - 607 9514

YOW - 647 809 9514


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