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Black Community Cultural Engagement Impact (BLACCEImpact)

Art and culture is a tool that is effective in engaging communities to express how they are feeling regarding intricate issues like racism. Culturally appropriate Art is an effective apparatus for expression, conversation, and change; a significant role in helping Black Youth/community heal in ways they identify.


It is an approach for engaging Black youth/community in these critical conversations about racism through our arts and culture project dubbed, ‘Stories for Healing & Reforms’ 'Our Voices'. The problem that the BLACCEIm is trying to fix and bring attention to is the exclusion of Black youth/community in addressing racism-related issues, denying access, creating barriers, and perpetuating prejudices experienced by Black individuals/community through systemic racism. BLACCEIm aims at measurably enhancing the inclusion of diverse Black community members while using an intersectional approach that acknowledges and amplifies experiences of Black Peoples who carry multiple marginalized identities while increasing access and decreasing barriers.


We hope to address a lack of accessibility of safe expressive space, lack of Black youth/community representation in addressing anti-Black racism, and lack of accessible and inclusive designs in the cultural sector featuring Black youth/community sufficiently. We also hope to avail an experience-based representation of Black community views in artistic creativity, creating awareness, promoting cultural engagement, and addressing anti-Black racism in the Black community.

Look out for more community conversations on issues of interest to the Black/African Community on this page.

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