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Children's Program

The African Community Services of Peel children's program is comprised of three components as below:

  • The After School Homework Club 

  • The March Break Camp

  • The summer camp

The After School Homework Club

ACS homework club is a free after-school program for elementary students, led by youth and young adult volunteers in a safe, culturally appropriate environment. Activities include; 

  • One-to-one or small group homework support.

  • An opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships, as well as an opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning.

ACS homework club also provides a great opportunity for youth and young adults to become role models and community leaders as they learn tutoring, communication, leadership, organization, mentorship, conflict resolution, time management, and teamwork skills. Free, light refreshments are provided for each session. Parents are required to arrange transportation for their children before and after each session.

March Break Camp

Activities include:

  1. Indoor & outdoor arts & crafts inspired through all sorts of artful activities designed to develop creativity and imagination such as painting & drawing. 

  2. Field trips to places such as Royal Ontario Museum

  3. Talent show

  4. Storytelling

Summer Camp

1. Field trips

2. Indoor activities

3.Talent show

4. Garden visits

5. Storytelling


7.Outdoor activities

8.Art And Craft

9.Splash pads visit

10. Summer Camp Tug Of War 

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