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Imagine the courage it takes and the anxiety that follows when you arrive in a foreign country where the only language you speak is not spoken and you do not know anybody? Now Imagine you have your whole family with you or you are a single mother with her children or youth without family? How do you begin your settlement journey?


This is where African Community Services of Peel comes in. Your donation, however small, allows ACS to help clients in the time of their greatest need. ACS appreciates donations and in-kind support from local businesses and community members and thanks you for your decision to donate to us. Your donation helps us achieve our mission and mandate and improves the lives of new Canadians in their settlement process.

We thank you for considering donating to us and no donation is too small.  We welcome all donations, whether it is a one-time gift, a monthly or recurring donation, or a planned gift. By donating to ACS, you enhance our capacity to provide highly effective services with positive outcomes for our clients in a confidential culturally, and language-appropriate manner where all clients feel respected and validated.  


We welcome your interest in helping us raise funds for our organization’s programs and services. We welcome your fundraising support in:


  • Generating ideas for fundraising

  • Helping us implement our fund-raising initiatives

  • Donating to the United Way of Toronto/Peel/York, one of our main funders

  • Designating your UW donations to ACS

  • Implementing a fund-raising activity in support of ACS

  • Donating items, we can raffle to raise funds


Please call or email our office if you would like to donate to us or to assist us in fund-raising.

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