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Mental Health Promotion & Awareness Program

The goals of the Mental Health Promotion and Awareness Program are to

  • Enhance awareness of mental health issues in the black/African community, enhance access to mental health information and  resources

  • Improve the ability to seek assistance and develop a plan for enhanced long-term positive mental health and general wellness.

  • Enhance awareness and mechanisms to cope with the emotional aspects of mental health issues

  • Reduce stigmatization for people with mental health challenges and illness

  • Reduce discrimination  to enable those with mental health challenges to live  full and meaningful lives


These goals are achieved through specific programming activities including

  •  Daily drop-in services for culturally appropriate  supportive counseling and referrals

  • Promote mental health and awareness in the Black /African community

  • Outreach community members who are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing mental health challenges with information and access to community mental health services and resources

  • Reduce the stigma and shame associated with mental health challenges through public education, supportive counseling, and referrals

  • Provide practical support and advocacy in accessing services and community mental health programs.

  • Advocate for clients to facilitate access to community resources and services

  • Practical supports in accessing affordable housing, income security programs, food-banks, skills upgrading programs, employment services, accompaniments to appointments, and advocacy.

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