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Seniors Program

We recognize that Black seniors experience multifaceted social isolation and marginalization. 


ACS Seniors program is a thriving hub for seniors. It helps build a sense of pride and well-being through culturally appropriate activities that improve health, wellness, quality of life, personal independence, and community life. ACS seniors program operates within the framework of engagement and empowerment so that our Black seniors can function as active members of their communities. The program provides seniors with an opportunity to socialize with one another in a safe, secure, and culturally appropriate environment. Some of the recreational activities seniors participate in include playing games, dancing, attending health and wellness workshops, celebrating holidays and birthdays together.  Additionally, seniors receive information about their rights and the resources available for their needs. Clients engage in leisure and recreational activities focused on fellowship, fun, relaxation, and education.

  • Geared to those 55+ 

  • Wide range of activities including computer learning sessions, Zumba, yoga,  arts & crafts, congregate lunch, trips, workshops, and more

  • ACS seniors program brings Black/African seniors together for mutual support, sharing, and socializing.

During the pandemic, ACS seniors program has been reaching out to visible minority seniors to increase their mental, social, and emotional wellbeing with virtually engaging activities that also promote inclusion and community. Every week, seniors virtually meet with their matched volunteer mentors to socialize and engage in conversations. ACS holds weekly workshops that help support their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as enhance their proficiency with technology, the internet, and social media.


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